I travel a lot for work which really cuts into my ability to maintain a steady fitness routine. Bobbi designed a fantastic program of cardio and strength training that I can take with me when I travel. I can do the exercises either from a hotel room, a gym or just at home. This program has become my saving grace while I'm on the road and it comes with me everywhere. After a few months on this program, there is a significant difference in my strength and flexibility. I also attend in-person private training sessions with Bobbi once a week. She pushes me just the right amount and I always feel incredible afterwards.

—Jessica Cook, Age 36, Luxury Sales Director at The Ranch @ Rock Creek Inn, Montana   

After working with Bobbi at Wholefitbeing, I was able to prioritize the often overwhelming responsibilities of my day to day life. We worked together to develop short and long term goals and created strategies to achieve them. For example, I was seeking out ways to be more mindful and aware of how I'm feeling in various situations throughout the day. It was important to me to be more present in my personal relationships and a more effective leader at work. Bobbi and I worked together to create measurable objectives that set me on the right course for a mindful life. Her technique also allows for plenty of forgiveness when you need to make a detour or two along the way 🙂 The supportive coaching provided through Wholefitbeing's methods allowed me to feel success at each small accomplishment while working towards my long term life goals.

—Erin L. Neary, Age 39 Marketing Manager and Social Media Director   

I felt that health coaching was a very important instrument for me personally to stay on track. The power of setting goals was so new and made a huge impact on my day to day life choices.

It allowed me to get tasks done that I may not have otherwise. It also helped me when filling out my calendar. Just added more focus overall to what was going on in my life.

Bobbi was an incredible coach and was always so encouraging and prompt.

—Megan Zolnowsky, Owner at All Occasions Catering   

Reaching out to Bobbi for coaching help has been essential on my journey through some of life's challenges. Bobbi encouraged me to set goals & expectations, and achieve and manage them through incremental steps. I'm now confident to use the tools & techniques she's made me aware of, in order to lead a fulfilled life in mind, body, & spirit, despite any physical challenges I'm facing. Before my meetings with Bobbi, I felt discouraged, stuck in my routine, and stressed by lack of time. I had given up on even trying to change things, because I was afraid of repeated failure. Through small steps, I learned that I have the will and power to accomplish my goals. Mindfulness and detailed planning made it possible to add exercise and healthy nutrition in to my tight schedule. Small successes made me proud of my achievements, and keeping my overall wellness vision in mind made it easier to make decisions while actually feeling less stressed.

Martina Bello   

I am 72 years old and we live full time in Jackson. My goal is to remain strong and flexible so I can continue doing the outdoor activities that I love. For the last 4 years I have been going to Bobbi for fitness training. I think she is an extremely good trainer. She varies the exercises each time and always comes up with new ways to challenge me. She is a stickler for making you do the exercises perfect so you are getting the most out of each movement. When I leave a session I always feel like I have worked hard. I really appreciate the fact that Bobbi always asks what is going on with my body and she is very good at adapting exercises if I have an issue with a certain joint or muscle. At this stage in my life there is usually some adapting to do.

Over the years I have been to a number of different trainers and in one of my 'past lives' I taught aerobic dancing, so I tend to be critical of trainers and instructors.

I repeat, Bobbi is excellent. I ski 80+ days every winter and hike 3-4 days per week in the summer. And best of all, I'm still able to row my raft 225 miles down the Colorado River through the beautiful Grand Canyon.

—Kay Wilson, Age 72, Retired   

Bobbi is a complete package. She offers super knowledgeable of physical fitness and recovery, custom workouts, stretch techniques, anatomy education, and massage. All this is perfectly complimented by her outstandingly fun, energetic, encouraging, attentive, focused personality. I feel every workout evenly throughout my body, yet never over-done, and her massages deepen that work, leaving me feeling whole and happy.

Bobbi was an incredible coach and was always so encouraging and prompt.

—Evan Mack, VP Joan of Sparc   

When I called Bobbi for health coaching, I was struggling to eat healthily and I was fighting depression and insecurity. As soon as I started working with her, I felt hope again! We set manageable goals that moved me forward - I stopped eating all the sugar I was consuming to stave off the sadness, and I started taking steps in my business that I had been avoiding. It was amazing and I immediately felt better about every aspect of my life. Bobbi  has a warmth but also an authority that made me feel safe and in experienced hands. There was no judgement from her as I revealed myself. She guided the sessions like a pro and I would comment after each one how insightful she was. I highly recommend Bobbi if you are struggling with weight, food, exercise, health, career and personal challenges. I guess that means I recommend her for any improvements you want to make in your life! I truly cannot say enough about how terrific she is as a health coach. You won’t find anyone better. 


Bobbi came into my life as a wellness coach at a time when I felt the most lost, the most distracted, the most confused about what life direction to go or not go.  I guess you could say, I had hit that midlife crisis time, when my life was more focused on my young boys and all my failures than on personal improvement. Bobbi’s weekly calls empathetically obliged me to work on weekly goals that would help me stride towards my personal wellness vision…not my kid’s, not my husband’s, not my job’s…MINE! Through patient listening and gentle reminders, Bobbi gave me permission to focus on me. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t always achieve my goals, but the weekly calls allowed me to stay focused on self- reflection for two months. Here is what I learned and continue to carry with me. Bobbi guided me towards prioritizing my goals. I struggle with organization and I’m easily distracted. Bobbi kept me focused and allowed me to discover the most prescient goals. Bobbi encouraged me to find inspiring podcasts and get in touch with other professionals who would help me at a more personal level with my dietary and marriage issues. As a result, I have made positive changes in my diet and my marriage that make the future look much brighter. Without Bobbi’s guidance, I’d still be wandering aimlessly, wondering what step to take first. Most importantly, Bobbi wouldn’t let me self-deprecate…she made me reflect only on the positive aspects of me. This was invaluable! I created a simple mantra that actually pops up on my phone every morning: “Be kind to yourself!” This small act of kindness to myself allows me to recognize achievements rather than focus on failures. It works! I am much more confident at making bigger and more complicated decisions in all aspects of my life because I am not as afraid of failure, rather I am proud of the complicated, imperfect, chaotic, unique and capable person that I am!  Thank you, Bobbi, for allowing me to come to this life enhancing realization!

Hatilie Lemke Anderson   

I have trained with Bobbi for the last 5 years and she has done an amazing job getting me strong so I can enjoy the mountains to their fullest. She keeps the workouts fun, safe, and her vast array of exercises always challenge me.

—Maria Lofgren, Age 44, Owner/Physical Therapist of Excel Physical Therapy   

I just want to give a shout out to my friend Bobbi Reyes for being the absolute BEST! If you're a Jacksonite, chances are you know Bobbi, but I'm here to tell you, if you don't, you should. When I arrived in Jackson, Bobbi immediately took me under her wing and she has been a wonderful friend, mentor and coach. Thankful to have her as part of my life! Love you Bobbi Reyes!

—Laura Moyer, Massage Therapist